a step-by-step guide to finding the right gear

What is your Desired Home/Office Network Range?

  • Standard/Apt/Condo (Up to 1250 sq ft / 1 Floor/ Up to 5 Rooms)
  • Large (2500 or more sq ft/ 2+ Floors / 9+ Rooms)
  • Medium (1250-2500 sq ft / 1-2 Floors/ Up to 9 Rooms )

How Are Planning to Connect?

  • Basic Upgrade of Internet speeds from G to N (Up to 6x faster)
  • Support Dual Band Wireless Connections
  • Set it and forget it for elderly family/friend
  • Expand the reach of my wireless network
  • Primary Use is Wired Connections
  • Be Prepared for Future Network Devices/Additions

How Do You Intend to Use Your GlobalRouter?

  • Low Bandwidth

  • High Bandwidth

  • Email, chat, browse and shop from any room
  • Stream Netflix HD to multiple devices
  • Watch Standard Definition videos on Netflix/Youtube
  • Watch Streaming Services from Outside the US/UK
  • Medium Bandwidth

  • Transfer large files between computers
  • Downloading Music and Movies
  • Attach a storage device and share files
  • Use Video chat like Skype
  • Stream HD videos/movies/TV and TV wirelessly
  • Use Advanced Network Security & Encryption
  • Connect Gaming Consoles for Online Gaming
  • Stream music wirelessly throughout location
  • Wireless Printing

What Devices Do You Intend to Use with the GlobalRouter?(Choose Any Many As Apply)

Please Select...

  • 1-4 Smartphones, Tablets (iPads), Computers/Laptops
  • Stream music wirelessly throughout location
  • 5- 9 Smartphones, Tablets (iPads), Computers/Laptops
  • Backup Network Storage/ Hard Drives
  • 10 or more Smartphones, Tablets (iPads), Computers/Laptops
  • Game Console (Xbox360/PS3/Wii)
  • HDTV Set
  • Blu-ray Player with Apps
  • Audio Streaming Device
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