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ABOUT Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is one of several Amazon Prime benefits that are packaged together. For $79, subscribers get free 2-day shipping from Amazon.com, free monthly kindle rentals and, of course, the unlimited streaming service. Amazon Instant Video offers unlimited streaming of its 7500 television titles and 45,000 films straight from the Amazon website.

Amazon Instant Video titles are also available for rent or purchase on an individual basis. Anyone interested in the unlimited service gets to start with Amazon Prime’s 1-month free trial period.  Amazon describes their video quality as “DVD quality.” In the last few months, Amazon entered into a deal with the channel Epix to make many more movies available to its Amazon Prime subscribers, to challenge its prime competitor Netflix

WHERE IS Amazon Instant Video AVAILABLE?

Amazon Instant Video is only available to users who connect with a United States IP address. 




  • Roku
  • TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 DVRS
  • Google TV


  • Amazon Kindle Fire


  • Sony BRAVIA TVS that has an Internet Video Link device
  • Panasonic Viera TVs with Viera Cast
  • Samsung 650 series
  • Newer Vizio and LG TVs
  • Blu-Ray Players with Streaming Wi-Fi capabilities           


  • Xbox 360 via Xbox Live


  • To stream directly from the site, your web browser needs to work with Adobe Flash Player.
  • To transfer content to a portable device, users must install a client application that bears the Microsoft PlaysForSure certification, such as the Creative Zen or a Portable Media Center.
  • To watch with TiVo, no client application is required. Users only need a broadband enabled Series2 or Series3 DVR.
  • Xbox Live: users need a broadband connected Xbox with an Xbox Live Gold Level membership.

AVAILABLE Amazon Instant Video CONTENT


  • CATEGORIES– Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gay & Lesbian, Horror, Kids & Family, Military & War, Musicals, Music video & Concerts, Mystery & Thrillers, Performing Arts, Science Fiction, Westerns
  • TITLESLord of the Rings, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, The Avengers, Prometheus, The Hunger Games, Casino Royale, Twilight, Snow White & the Huntsman, The Watch, Seeking a friend for the End of the World, Safety Not Guaranteed, Dark Shadows, That’s My Boy, Coen Brothers Collection, MIB3, Rock of Ages, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Twilight Saga: New Moon, Battleship, Ted, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • AMAZON PRIME INSTANT VIDEO‘S TOP PICKS – The Campaign, Walk With Me, Ablation, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Magic Mike, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Sick, Secret of the Wings, Disney, Prometheus, Marvel’s The Avengers
  • JUST ADDEDSeeking a Friend for the End of the World, That’s My Boy,         Chernobyl Diaries, Heathers, Brave, Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version), Savages, Pixar Short Films Collection 2, The Amazing Spiderman, Arthur Christmas, Prep & Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection, They Live, The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • COMING SOONThe Expendables 2, Cinderella, Coldplay: Live 2012


  •  CHANNELS/STUDIOS – A&E Television Networks, ABC, Animal Planet, CBS,  Discovery Channel, Entertainment One, FOX, Investigathe ion Discovery,  MGM NBC, PBS, USA Networks, Viz Media, Warner Bros.
  •  SERIESDownton Abbey, Sons of Anarchy, Upstairs Downstairs, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego, SpongeBob SquarePants, Fringe, Sherlock, Oswald, Super Why!, Blues Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, Doctor Who, Deadliest Catch, Grey’s Anatomy, Hawaii Five-O, King of the Hill, Power rangers, Star Trek, 16 & Pregnant, 24, 7th Heaven, Arrested Developments, ALF, Beverly Hills, 90210, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cake Boss, Chappelle’s Show, Charmed, Cheers, Columbo, Dawson’s Creek, Degrassi High, Frasier, Garfield and Friends, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Hot in Cleveland, Jersey Shore,, Miami Ink, MythBusters, Numb3rs, Parks & Recreation, Party of Five, Pushing Daisies, Quantum Leap, Queer as Folk, Ren & Stimpy, Sarah Silverman Program, Sesame Str eet, The L Word, The Larry Sanders Show, The Secret Life of the American Tee nager, The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, Toddlers and Tiaras
  • JUST ADDED!!Parenthood Season 1, Battlestar Gallactica Season 1, Glee, American Horror Story, Burn Notice, The Vampire Diaries
  • COMING SOONThe Kids in the Hall Season 1, Deadly Women Season 6, Kitchen Nightmares Season 6, TIGER & BUNNY Season 1 Vol. 1, Last Man Standing Season 2, Gold Rush Season 3, Monsters Inside Me Season 3, Grimm Season 2, Fringe: The Complete Fifth Season, CSI: NY, Season 9

LATEST Amazon Instant Video RELATED NEWS

PROS/CONS OF Amazon Instant Video


  • Additional Benefits – Amazon  Instant video comes free 2-day shipping from Amazon.com on orders of any size to all contiguous U.S. addresses and free monthly Kindle rentals with no due date
  • No commercials– There are no commercials in any of Amazon’s content
  • Fast, Free download – with Amazon Prime you can download, instead of stream, some videos to your kindle so that you can watch them even when you don't have Internet access, including on an airplane.
  • Free Trial – Amazon offers a one-month free trial period during which you can access all of the Amazon Prime benefits.  You will not be charged until the trial period ends. A user who does not want to continue with Amazon Prime must go to the website to the Manage Your Prime Membership page and click on "do not upgrade." The benefits will remain available for the duration of the trial period but your card will not be charged. Additionally, if you forget to cancel but have not used any benefits after the trial period, Amazon will generally refund the $79 fee (I know this from personal experience).
  • Cheaper than Netflix – Amazon Instant costs $79/year, cheaper by about $16 per year than Netflix’s monthly service, but not all of its content is actually "free" once you subscribe. Some videos cost a few dollars, like the most recent season of Breaking Bad ($1.99 per episode) which you won't find it on Netflix at all at this time.


  • Annual Subscription – Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription service so users must lay out the full $79 annual fee in a lump sum as opposed to Netflix or Hula’s monthly renewal plans.
  • Extra Fees – Amazon Instant offers pay & free content side by side.
  • Limits on Mac Users– Mac users can’t download, they can only stream
  • Limited HD - Not all shows are available in HD
  • Delays in Release–  Some content can’t be viewed immediately due to licensing restrictions


Amazon Prime Official Site


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